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13 hours ago

Jiimmy John Mack☆°•Hell yeah•°☆11 hours ago

Raymi Santosman would love to be able to own one of these beast!11 hours ago

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1 day ago

William A Cavagnaro Jr.Looks great!1 day ago

Arjun MogerAmazing work guys . did you guys work on a four wheeled model ? Just wanted to know . cos it'll make a kickass concept1 day ago

Flynn Fletcherred or blue instead of yellow..even a combination of red and blue would be great..23 hours ago

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3 days ago

Adrian VillarrealI need to get my hands on one and start dipping some pieces lol3 days ago

David HopeI like the front wing! Now we need a proper rear wing as well to add to the F1 look2 days ago

Jiimmy John MackWing would look better farther under an closer to front tires ...i like it with or without.2 days ago

Michael ArriagaAre those speakers by the headrest?2 days ago

Marv Raiden Garcialove it2 days ago

Jason Conrad GardinerPulling out a lot of the old wings huh? I like it either way!1 day ago

Jason McKaughanOne these days lol1 day ago

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3 days ago

Darren HuntWow!2 days ago

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5 days ago

Leandro Ribeiroquero um ;)4 days ago

みちした束いいねぇ、良いよ、よい!4 days ago

Jiimmy John MackI want a copper colored one with gold and black highlights4 days ago